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Best of Both Worlds: Hanson Vancouver combines work and fun in one memorable day

Hanson Canada

On December 17th, Hanson Vancouver combined work with holiday cheer by hosting the staff and faculty professional development day and the Christmas/Holiday party on the same day!


The professional development portion of the day uniquely brought together staff and faculty for an involved and interactive session which included presentations as well as group discussion. Chris Velasco, Campus Director, and Ofelia Rosca, Director, Academic, both held informative presentations in their respective areas of expertise.

Hanson Canada

Some of the topics addressed throughout the entire session included the examination of what makes Hanson unique in the post-secondary education market, the refinement of our proctoring protocol, and the discussion of fine-tuning our overall level of customer service for students. Improving the quality of interaction with students and nurturing the personalized connection that is already one of our trademarks was a focal point of discussion.

Hanson Canada

After the fruitful professional development portion of the day, Hanson team headed to the annual Christmas/Holiday party where they partook in delicious food, dancing, and fun games that included guessing the identity of staff childhood photos as well as exchanging secret Santa gifts.


Hanson Canada

This was a truly memorable day for Hanson Vancouver and one that nurtured both professional growth and crafted some fun social memories for the entire team!

Hanson Canada Hanson Canada