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Seeking Nature: Grads Trip to Fraser Valley.

On October 2, 2017, Hanson International Academy organized a one day trip for its graduates.


Students and staff packed up and started their Fraser Valley tour around 9:00 in the morning.

After a short ride, students arrived at the Stó:lō Nation for a cultural tour.

*Stó:lō are a group of First Nations peoples inhabiting the Fraser Valley and lower Fraser Canyon of BC. Stó:lō is the Halqemeylem word for River.

The tour was led by a Stó:lō  nations person named Sunny.

He told students the history of the area, the origin of mountains, and how Stó:lō  nations heavily depended on fishing which explained why their housing is more permanent than some of the other first nations that depended on other livestock to live.



Almost 20km away, students had picnic at Bridal Veil Falls. Excited students are eager to “hit” the water, and everyone enjoyed the fabulous view.

The falls drop 400 feet over a wide rock face, creating a “veil-like” effect.


The trip ended with some ice-cream at Hell’s gate Airtram. Students got to see the steep canyon with 90 meters deep Fraser River. The rocks on the edge of the canyon was crusted over with the deposit of minerals.

Students were singing and talking about Fraser Valley experiences during the bus ride back to campus. They enjoyed the trip so much.




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